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Guideline for Choosing Good Whiskey

It is a challenging task to choose good whiskey, more so for new whiskey drinkers. The choice is hard because there are many different brands to choose. No brand is similar to the other, and this varies in the raw materials used and fermentation techniques used in manufacturing. Another reason, why it is hard choosing good whiskey, is because there are so many liquor stores to choose from. Here are some guidelines to help you choose good whiskey.

First you will need to determine which type of whiskey is best for you. The spirits that are made from grain mash is what the name whiskey represents. These spirits are different in taste color and aroma.The difference is in the distillation and the grain used in making the whiskey. Hence, choose depending on the flavor and taste that is best suit for you. Whiskey from different areas has its type of flavors, for example, American whiskey is different from scotch whiskey.

Another factor to consider is the reviews of the brand of whiskey you want to choose. You can get reviews of the whiskey you choose from one of the many whiskey reviews websites. Whiskey lovers for communities which you can join and get reviews from professional whiskey testers. In the end, these reviews you help you have an easier time choosing the best whiskey.

When choosing good whiskey, you will need to have an understanding of single malts and blends.You need to understand the difference because the blending determines the taste greatly. As for taste, single mat have richer flavor compared to blended whiskey. When making your choice, have a feel of both to know which one you prefer.

Another factor to consider when choosing whiskey is the year and method of production. To improve on their whiskeys; most distilleries place it is timber barrels for some years. This helps because the time defense improves the whiskey. Hence, you should consider picking whiskey that is old. Having looks into factors, let us now discuss tasting guidelines.

The very first step is to pour it into a glass. The amount to pour should be small. Next, you need to swirl the whiskey in the glass. Doing this is crucial as it will enable the whiskey to breathe.

Having done that, you will need to nose the whiskey; smelling it. To do this, bring the glass to your nose and sniff; repeat this a few times. Repeating the sniffs help you be able to identify the different aromas in the whiskey.Lastly, take a sip of the whiskey and let it settle first in your mouth as you try to identify the different flavors. By following the tips as mentioned earlier, you will be able to make a good choice when it comes to selecting whiskey.

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